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Artist behind the 2023 Ho'olaule'a design

Aloha! ‘O Junko Hall ko’u inoa piha.
My work is inspired by my mother's and grandmother's art because, when I was little, I always saw them creating their art but never being able to show their work to the world. So when I joined a hula halau, my kumu hula gave me ideas of Hawaiian art to put on costumes for my halau. I used a lot of Hawaiian plants and nature for my art, but even though I am not a professional artist, I use my talent for my friends whenever they need it. This year, I was asked to make a design for the 2023 Ho’olaulea. This is the first time I have ever used digital technology to make my designs/art while having my daughter by my side to guide me through the process. The Ho'olaulea committee gave me a vision of the theme for this year's design so that I could easily create it. I am honored to be part of this year's Ho'olaulea celebration. Mahalo!

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